The Jazz Factory – Tuesday 31st March Update

Dear Parents,

Wow, what a week it has been! I truly hope you are well and have the love and support of close friends and family around you at this most challenging time. I am very grateful that I do.

I have been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm, support, optimism and love that has been shown to The Jazz Factory and its teachers since Monday. The response to our online content has been phenomenal and we will continue to provide this content on our google drive, instagram, facebook and our private zoom classes for the remainder of Term 1 and I look forward to seeing our wonderful dancers continue to participate and experience this new platform of learning. I am learning more about technology than I ever thought I would this week – so bare with me if things are not perfect right now, we are making sure Term 2 is glitch free!

Remainder of Term 1

The JF teachers have been busier than ever last week, making sure all our students have enough content on the google drive to keep up their dance classes until the end of Term 1. We have 30GB of class content now on the drive, so please, keep up your dancing. – everyone with the link should be able to access but if any problems, please “request access” on the file and we will share it with you again.

   You might find that you need to view the videos in “incognito mode” – to do so:

   PC – Ctrl + Shift + n

   Mac – Command + Shift + n

   iphone/ipad – Open Safari – Tap new page button – Tap Private – Tap Done

  This puts it in a private browser.

Do you follow our instagram? We have so many fun online tutorials and challenges! @thejazzfactory

Setting up a “Home Studio”

If you are interested in setting up a designated dance space for your dancer, please see below – STM studio supplies for dance flooring and portable ballet barres. For tap classes we recommend buying a tap board (or making your own) as not to damage your floors. For our Ready Set Dancers – you can purchase all your favourite ready set dance props online on the E-Store, including stars, beanbags and shakers. These will be very helpful for our new online and live classes next term. for Acro mats and equipment. Our online Acro content will be modified for safety purposes.

We have loved seeing all the photos and videos of students working on their dancing at home and we have no doubt that we will all come back stronger than before.

Term 2 Plans

We currently have many plans and strategies in place for Term 2, but because so much can change in 4 weeks, we do not want to make any definite decisions until closer to the time.

JF Online Learning 

What we do know is that our NEW  “JF Online Learning”  is going to be fabulous and we are already editing huge amounts of footage for this. The online learning platform will be available on our website and will be a more systematic class syllabus, taking students through entire classes for the term, starting from warmup and stretches, strength work, technique work, choreography, tips and tricks and cool downs. We are working as well with Ready Set Dance for specific footage available for our students as well as the ATOD and RAD (our exam and ballet programs). Students will be able to take these classes whenever they want.

Live Streaming 

We are doing extensive research on the best “Live streaming” options for Term 2. We have been practicing running classes on Zoom with our soloists and speaking to the experts on minimising any glitches as well as reviewing our child protection policy for video conferencing. There is a lot to put in place to make sure we are following all guidelines and we are lucky to have had this time leading up to Term 2 to develop the best program for our studios and our students.

We are also working on our very own live streaming platform. Please see the attached video for an example of what The Jazz Factory Live Streaming would look like. We are very excited to develop something professional, safe and trustworthy for Term 2, that can easily see us through the term.

Private Zoom Lessons

We will continue to offer private dance and singing lessons via Zoom in Term 2.

Term 2 Fees

I am currently doing the maths to work out the fee relief that I can offer to parents next term, for those that have found themselves in a tricky financial situation. Please rest assured that our commitment is to the students and providing I can cover all our outgoings, I will be offering significant discount options on your term 2 fees, to allow everyone to continue dancing with us and hold their spot in classes for when we return.

Regardless of our plans, I know that The Jazz Factory is more than just a dance studio. The studio has become the dancers’ second home and all the teachers here understand the weight and value we hold in guiding your dancers through, not just dance, but their own personal growth and well being.

Our online program for Term 2 aims to keep our dancers active and engaged, not only to support their physical and mental health, but also gives a lifeline to our studio, ensuring the community survives for our dancers to return to when this difficult time is over.

We will be in touch soon with further information, once we have a concrete vision of what Term 2 will be.

Again, I thank every single one of you for your love and support and I know we will get through this stronger together.

You are all in our thoughts,

Kim and the JF team x

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