The Jazz Factory – Tuesday 31st March Update

Dear Parents,

Wow, what a week it has been! I truly hope you are well and have the love and support of close friends and family around you at this most challenging time. I am very grateful that I do.

I have been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm, support, optimism and love that has been shown to The Jazz Factory and its teachers since Monday. The response to our online content has been phenomenal and we will continue to provide this content on our google drive, instagram, facebook and our private zoom classes for the remainder of Term 1 and I look forward to seeing our wonderful dancers continue to participate and experience this new platform of learning. I am learning more about technology than I ever thought I would this week – so bare with me if things are not perfect right now, we are making sure Term 2 is glitch free!

Remainder of Term 1

The JF teachers have been busier than ever last week, making sure all our students have enough content on the google drive to keep up their dance classes until the end of Term 1. We have 30GB of class content now on the drive, so please, keep up your dancing. – everyone with the link should be able to access but if any problems, please “request access” on the file and we will share it with you again.

   You might find that you need to view the videos in “incognito mode” – to do so:

   PC – Ctrl + Shift + n

   Mac – Command + Shift + n

   iphone/ipad – Open Safari – Tap new page button – Tap Private – Tap Done

  This puts it in a private browser.

Do you follow our instagram? We have so many fun online tutorials and challenges! @thejazzfactory

Setting up a “Home Studio”

If you are interested in setting up a designated dance space for your dancer, please see below – STM studio supplies for dance flooring and portable ballet barres. For tap classes we recommend buying a tap board (or making your own) as not to damage your floors. For our Ready Set Dancers – you can purchase all your favourite ready set dance props online on the E-Store, including stars, beanbags and shakers. These will be very helpful for our new online and live classes next term. for Acro mats and equipment. Our online Acro content will be modified for safety purposes.

We have loved seeing all the photos and videos of students working on their dancing at home and we have no doubt that we will all come back stronger than before.

Term 2 Plans

We currently have many plans and strategies in place for Term 2, but because so much can change in 4 weeks, we do not want to make any definite decisions until closer to the time.

JF Online Learning 

What we do know is that our NEW  “JF Online Learning”  is going to be fabulous and we are already editing huge amounts of footage for this. The online learning platform will be available on our website and will be a more systematic class syllabus, taking students through entire classes for the term, starting from warmup and stretches, strength work, technique work, choreography, tips and tricks and cool downs. We are working as well with Ready Set Dance for specific footage available for our students as well as the ATOD and RAD (our exam and ballet programs). Students will be able to take these classes whenever they want.

Live Streaming 

We are doing extensive research on the best “Live streaming” options for Term 2. We have been practicing running classes on Zoom with our soloists and speaking to the experts on minimising any glitches as well as reviewing our child protection policy for video conferencing. There is a lot to put in place to make sure we are following all guidelines and we are lucky to have had this time leading up to Term 2 to develop the best program for our studios and our students.

We are also working on our very own live streaming platform. Please see the attached video for an example of what The Jazz Factory Live Streaming would look like. We are very excited to develop something professional, safe and trustworthy for Term 2, that can easily see us through the term.

Private Zoom Lessons

We will continue to offer private dance and singing lessons via Zoom in Term 2.

Term 2 Fees

I am currently doing the maths to work out the fee relief that I can offer to parents next term, for those that have found themselves in a tricky financial situation. Please rest assured that our commitment is to the students and providing I can cover all our outgoings, I will be offering significant discount options on your term 2 fees, to allow everyone to continue dancing with us and hold their spot in classes for when we return.

Regardless of our plans, I know that The Jazz Factory is more than just a dance studio. The studio has become the dancers’ second home and all the teachers here understand the weight and value we hold in guiding your dancers through, not just dance, but their own personal growth and well being.

Our online program for Term 2 aims to keep our dancers active and engaged, not only to support their physical and mental health, but also gives a lifeline to our studio, ensuring the community survives for our dancers to return to when this difficult time is over.

We will be in touch soon with further information, once we have a concrete vision of what Term 2 will be.

Again, I thank every single one of you for your love and support and I know we will get through this stronger together.

You are all in our thoughts,

Kim and the JF team x


Dear JF Families,
We have been overwhelmed by the messages of support yesterday as we all had to come to terms with the fact that our physical doors, for the time being, had to close.
It has been hard to keep my face “camera ready” while filming all our online content, amongst the tears I’ve shed receiving all your emails of support and enthusiasm for Term 2.
We are staying really optimistic and I think it is important for everyone to have lots of hope and positivity at this time, if not for ourselves, then for the students.
The staff met for 2 hours last night, both at the studio and over zoom, to discuss our plans moving forward. Each teacher and staff member is dedicated to keep providing our students with quality dance education, whether in our studios, or from cyberspace.
At this time, our focus is on keeping our students positive and motivated and bringing them lots of joy through dance. Please make the most of our online resources. We have worked really hard over the last week to get content on the drive for students to be dancing at home and we would love for it to be taken advantage of.
The google drive link for you again –    
Please also make sure you follow our instagram page – we are putting up dance tutorials and videos for everyone to do at home and loved seeing so many of you performing my “Heal the World” dance yesterday! 
The teachers are at the studio this week and next week during their usual class times, filming even more content that will form our online program, regardless of whether we are able to open at the start of term or not. We are excited to be building this program as a supplement to students regular classes and inclusive with their term fees. Both Ready Set Dance,The Australian Teachers of Dancing, and the Royal Academy of Dance, our Pre School, Exam and Ballet programs, are equally on board with supplying online content to the students.
Rest assured, our focus is on continuing education for your children and providing the very best that we can under the circumstances. We have loved seeing the videos of our students dancing at home, working through our online content.
We hope everyone is staying strong at this time. If there is anyway we can assist you with childcare services or deliveries of groceries/goods – please let us know, our staff are eager to keep working and helping to serve our community.  Just because we aren’t physically together at the studio, doesn’t mean we can’t keep our beautiful strong dance community together.
Till the next update…….
Kim and The JF Team x

Early Closure – Monday 23rd March

Dear Parents,

In light of the recent updates from the Government about COVID-19, The Jazz Factory has decided that in the best interest of our students and our community, we will be ending Term 1 early and closing today Monday 23rd March until Monday 27th April.

The energy at the studio in the past week has been amazing. We are thrilled to have been able to keep bringing joy and happiness to our students in a time that can be scary and overwhelming for them. We hope The Jazz Factory can always be that positive light for everyone, whether physically open or online.

To make up for these lost classes, we will be running Term 2 for an extra week – until Saturday 4th July making it a 10 week term. Furthermore, our teachers will be using their paid class time next week and the week after, to provide further online content for our students to be able to continue their dance training at home if our closure continues into Term 2.

The Jazz Factory is a family and we are so grateful for all our amazing parents and students who continue to support us so we can provide top dance tuition to the community. With hand-picked teachers, beautiful custom-built studios and an ability to cater to all ages and dancing dreams, we feel so incredible fortunate to have such a strong, family-oriented and tight-knit studio.

The unsettling times in the world are scary and we want to always put the health and safety of our students as our top priority, We hope to welcome everyone back to Term 2 on Monday April 27th. 


Our teachers have been setting up cameras in their classes and filming exercises in their “free time”, so that we can all keep up with our classes as not to fall behind for Term 2. Also to try and keep moving and dancing while at home!

Please note it takes some time to get videos uploaded, but we are doing our very best to be able to provide something over the next two and a half weeks.

The google drive will be available for the remainder of Term 1 only.

A reminder that students must ensure they are sufficiently warmed up before jumping into any technique or choreography and that they have a clear, safe space to practice in.

We will also have some great weekly challenges on our instagram as well as some live feeds from our teachers – so stay tuned.

We are currently designing a “Members Only” section on our website for all enrolled students. Parents will receive log in details and a password once Term 2 fees are paid. The members only section will have content for all online classes including exercises and choreography videos to download, links for extra dance resources online as well as downloadable PDF content. This content will be updated each week.

We feel this will provide sufficient content and classes for anyone who has to miss class or if we have to close our physical doors into term 2.

Logins and passwords will be renewed each term.

We will have more information for you shortly however please see the attached video for an example of how our class content “instructional videos” will work. Please note this was done quite quickly today by Miss Kim and Madison!

We are also currently reviewing some direct debit instalment options for Term 2 fees, for those that have found themselves in a difficult financial position. Obviously with strict class capacity measures in place and the online content that will be available, we will need fees paid in order to secure your child’s place in our classes but we will certainly come up with some options to help us continue to afford paying our staff, rent and outgoings, but also assist those parents that need to pay in instalments.

As they say in high school musical “We are all in this together!”

We thank you again for your understanding at this time. We are all facing something new and uncertain and are doing our very best to continue to provide amazing dance education for our students and keep our beautiful family and community strong.

Wishing you a safe, calm and relatively peaceful time over the next month and we can’t wait to be back dancing with you soon.

I honestly can’t thank you enough for your continued love and support, we couldn’t do it without you.

Kind regards

Kim and the JF team x

Update: Friday 20th march 

Dear Parents

Just to inform you that it was announced today by the Government that “there should be no more than 1 person per 4 square metres in an indoor space”

We have measured our studios and divided that by 4 to get the new maximum capacity for classes. Fortunately with our class caps, we can continue to run all our classes but for extra safety measures will be moving some classes to different studios.

Our classes are capped at the following and under (including teachers) for the remainder of Term 1 and Term 2 and possibly for the rest of the year.


Studio 1 (97 square metres) – 24 people

Studio 2 – (80 square metres) – 20 people

Studio 3 – (65 square metres) – 16 people


To accommodate for some extra space, we have made the following changes to our timetable –


Monday 5:45-6:45 


Level 4/5 Jazz Monday – Studio 3

Senior Hip Hop – Studio 2

Pre Senior Hip Hop – Studio 1


** If any Pre Senior HH or Senior HH students would like to move to a smaller class, our High School Hip Hop class on a Tuesday at 7:45-8:45 currently has 7 students.


Monday 6:45-7:45


Level 6/7 Jazz – Studio 3

Elementary CJ – Studio 2

Advanced Hip Hop – Studio 1


** If any Elementary Commercial Jazz students would like to move to a smaller class, our Intermediate Commercial Jazz class at 7:45-8:45 has 11 students.


Wednesday 3:45-4:45


Level 1/2 Jazz – Studio 3

Intermediate Lyrical – Studio 2

Junior Contemporary – Studio 1


Wednesday 4:45-5:45


Level 3/4 Jazz – Studio 3

Gold Star Exam – Studio 2

Intermediate Contemporary – Studio 1


Theatre Company will run for the remainder of the term in two separate groups and will be put on hold for Term 2 while we wait for this to pass, hopefully being able to restart later in the year with a delayed performance.

Please note that as we are now STRICTLY restricted to numbers, Term 2 fees must be paid by the due date in order for students to keep their place in that class, otherwise students will lose their spot in the class and it will be given to students on our waitlist.

We feel very fortunate that for the time being, we can continue to run our dance classes for students.

Please stay tuned for a second email coming up this weekend, in relation to online content available for Term 1 and  a “members only” section of our website for Term 2.


With kind regards


Kim and the JF Team x



Update: Theatre Kids

Dear JF Theatre Company,

Thank you to everyone who got back to us about postponing our Little Mermaid Production. While most of you were keen to continue theatre company classes for the remainder of the year, in light of the new government restrictions on the number of people per studio space, we have had to re think our original plan.

We have therefore decided to continue running theatre company for the remainder of this term, in two groups if need be, with each teacher.

We will then put Theatre Company on HOLD for term 2, while we wait for all of this to pass.

We are very hopeful that we will be able to restart our rehearsals in either Term 3 or 4, with a new performance date.

Your Term 2 fees will be held as a credit on your JF account.

If your child would like to join one of our musical theatre classes on a Thursday instead for Term 2, please let us know –


3:45-4:45 – Junior Musical Theatre – year 2-4

4:45-5:45 – Intermediate Musical Theatre – year 5-6

5:45-6:45 – Senior Musical Theatre (we can only take one more student in this class for Term 2) – year 7+


Our musical theatre classes are taken back to back (or in addition to) a weekly jazz class.

Please reassure your children, that Theatre Company WILL be back as soon as possible, but we do need to follow all protocol to ensure the health and safety of our students.


Many thanks for your understanding,

Kim and the JF theatre company team x


Autumn School Enrolment