Dear Parents,

Firstly I would like to thank our community for your kindness and support during this uncertain time. The positive responses to our health and safety updates and the respect shown by everyone towards our new policies and procedures, as well as your sincere understanding has meant so much to us and made me so proud of the beautiful JF family that we have.

Things are uncertain as to whether schools will close and the limitations that will be put on kids activities. Dance brings so much joy to our students and is such a necessary physical and mental relief for them, especially at this time, that we would love to be able to keep offering our classes to everyone, as long as it is in line with all safety and health policies from the Governments and Health officials.

However, we will keep you updated if we do need to close early for the Term as per school closures in NSW.

Just an update to our policies as of today, Tuesday 17th March, communicated to our staff –

– All door handles, light switches and surfaces must be cleaned before and after classes.

– All students must wash their hands with soap before entering the studios.

– Any student who touches their face, coughs or sneezes must use the hand sanitiser provided.

-No barre work will be performed in our Technique and Ballet classes at this time.

– Minimal floor work, especially anything involving hands and bodies on the floor will be performed at this time.

– Exercises and routines that allow for students to be arms length distance must be performed in class. No physical contact.

– All Acro classes will be adapted with exercises requiring no physical spotting/hands on assistance. Mats will be sanitised before and after classes.

– Students must be spread out when waiting in the corner/sides of the room

– No wooden props will be used in Ready Set Dance or Ready Set Ballet classes. All props will be sprayed with our fabric    disinfectant before use and placed in our “used props” box after class for washing and sanitising.

– The hand sanitiser pumps will be used in all studios and at the front door until our dispenses arrive this week to be installed at studio doors.

– We request that NO CASH is handled in our uniform shop and parents pay with card only.

– We would prefer for parents to drop children off at the front doors and return to collect them, rather than staying inside the studios.

– We do not have any parent watching days this term and will make a decision on whether our Open Day will run on Sunday May 24th once we receive further updates on the status of COVID-19.

– Teachers are currently filming classes and content to be put on a google drive for any students that are unable to attend class due to illness or self isolation. We hope to continue to provide students with class work at home while they are unable to attend class. We will have a link to all students soon. We are also working on a more in-depth online program for Term 2 which will be available to all enrolled students, if required.

– Students who miss class will be able to attend make-up classes in Term 2. We will run extra weekend classes if needed.

– At this time, our production of The Little Mermaid Jr will run on June 7th. We will keep the theatre company posted with any updates.

– At this time, our Autumn School will run in school holidays from April 21st-24th with strict number limitations and all the above protocols in place.

We will continue to have complete transparency with our decisions and provide you with updates as decisions are made. There is a lot of information going around and we have chosen to follow the advice that we receive from NSW Health and NSW Education.

Again, thank you for always supporting us and allowing us to bring the incredible power of dance and performing arts to your children.

With kind regards

Kim and The JF Team x