Update: Friday 20th march 

Dear Parents

Just to inform you that it was announced today by the Government that “there should be no more than 1 person per 4 square metres in an indoor space”

We have measured our studios and divided that by 4 to get the new maximum capacity for classes. Fortunately with our class caps, we can continue to run all our classes but for extra safety measures will be moving some classes to different studios.

Our classes are capped at the following and under (including teachers) for the remainder of Term 1 and Term 2 and possibly for the rest of the year.


Studio 1 (97 square metres) – 24 people

Studio 2 – (80 square metres) – 20 people

Studio 3 – (65 square metres) – 16 people


To accommodate for some extra space, we have made the following changes to our timetable –


Monday 5:45-6:45 


Level 4/5 Jazz Monday – Studio 3

Senior Hip Hop – Studio 2

Pre Senior Hip Hop – Studio 1


** If any Pre Senior HH or Senior HH students would like to move to a smaller class, our High School Hip Hop class on a Tuesday at 7:45-8:45 currently has 7 students.


Monday 6:45-7:45


Level 6/7 Jazz – Studio 3

Elementary CJ – Studio 2

Advanced Hip Hop – Studio 1


** If any Elementary Commercial Jazz students would like to move to a smaller class, our Intermediate Commercial Jazz class at 7:45-8:45 has 11 students.


Wednesday 3:45-4:45


Level 1/2 Jazz – Studio 3

Intermediate Lyrical – Studio 2

Junior Contemporary – Studio 1


Wednesday 4:45-5:45


Level 3/4 Jazz – Studio 3

Gold Star Exam – Studio 2

Intermediate Contemporary – Studio 1


Theatre Company will run for the remainder of the term in two separate groups and will be put on hold for Term 2 while we wait for this to pass, hopefully being able to restart later in the year with a delayed performance.

Please note that as we are now STRICTLY restricted to numbers, Term 2 fees must be paid by the due date in order for students to keep their place in that class, otherwise students will lose their spot in the class and it will be given to students on our waitlist.

We feel very fortunate that for the time being, we can continue to run our dance classes for students.

Please stay tuned for a second email coming up this weekend, in relation to online content available for Term 1 and  a “members only” section of our website for Term 2.


With kind regards


Kim and the JF Team x



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