ATOD Examination Classes

These classes prepare students for ATOD (Australian Teachers of Dancing) examinations in jazz dance. In addition to furthering technique and broadening dance vocabulary, by doing the ATOD exams, students qualify to participate in workshops, State Competitions and State and Australasian Championships, all of which are run by the ATOD. Jazz Factory teachers select certain students, whom they feel would benefit from the examination experience, to participate in these classes.

Senior Stream Jazz Classes
(Pre Senior, Senior 1, Senior 2, Senior 3 Jazz)

These classes are invite only and are for advanced Jazz Factory dancers who want to take their dancing more seriously. Students must be doing an additional Jazz and Classical/Technique class per week in order to be considered for a senior class. Technique will be advanced and students are expected to be committed and hard working in every class. If the teacher feels that you are not working to the standard of a senior class, alternate classes will be suggested. Senior class students are not allowed to miss more than 2 classes per term, this is in order to keep up the standard of the class.

Take a look at our Concert Routines below:

Senior 1/2 Jazz – Burning Up

Pre Senior Jazz – Say my Name

La La Land 

Single Ladies 

2019 Opening Number – 20th Century Fox

Senior 1 Jazz – History Repeating

Senior 2 Jazz – Poker Face