Kate Johnsen

Dance Teacher

Kate has been dancing at the Jazz Factory since she was 4 years old. Growing up at the Jazz Factory she has had the opportunity to learn and grow from so many amazing teachers and is beyond excited to start on her journey to teaching alongside them.Her achievements include; Graduating from the Australian Teachers of Dancing Jazz Syllabus (2019), The Mary-Jo Swanson Perpetual Trophy (2017), as well as many awards through representing The Jazz Factory at numerous dance eisteddfods throughout the years.Kate was also fortunate enough to take part In the Jazz Factories inaugural New York City Dance Tour to Broadway Dance Centre in 2017 and again in 2019. Here, she was able to grow as a dancer and expose herself to a myriad of knowledgeable and influential teachers who not only developed her technique and style, but also sparked in her a love for teaching and want to inspire the next generation of young dancers the same way the staff in NYC inspired her.