Francesca Gozdek was born in Italy where she trained full time in classical, jazz, hip hop and her favourite style of dance, modern contemporary. Upon leaving Italy Francesca spent time in Los Angeles training at the Edge Performing Arts Centre and London at Pineapple Dance Studios where she was under the guidance of world renowned choreographers and teachers. Now residing in Sydney Francesca continues her dance training whenever possible she is also  completed the Certificate IV in Sports coaching(Yoga &Pilates) at College of sports and fitness a few moths ago.

Francesca has enjoyed a full professional career that includes collaborating with European choreographer Sara Buratti, dancing in countless concept video’s and short films produced in Italy and London and she is currently a member of Australian dance company Twisted Element and Austinmer dance theatre dance company.Francesca has been teaching dance for over 10 years, she has experience with all levels and ages and adores creating choreography that encourages her student’s to be free, she believes giving them a good understanding of contemporary technique will allow them to express themselves further and have fun story telling through dance.