This is the Jazz Factory’s most prestigious award. Chosen by our trophy day judge, it is announced each year at The Jazz Factory’s annual concert and is presented to the student who demonstrates outstanding ability and promise. The award is named after Hanne’s former neighbour and artistic inspiration Mary-Jo Swanson (1931-1993), who would be so proud of all the students and their achievements. Students who have won the award in the past two years are not eligible.

2020 Jordyn Parry
2018 Natasha Nery2017 Kate Johnsen2019 Amelia Richards
2016 Claire Rich
2015 Annaliese Hall2014 Siobhan Lynch

2013 Lyndsay Charlton2012 Sophie Parker2011 Pippy Clegg
2010 Bindy Lanning

2009 Hannah Lazarus2008 Emily Pratten
2007 Anna Crichton2006 Sally Egan
2005 Elise Kiely
2004 Kristy Prass
2003 Anna Crichton
2002 Eloise Winestock

2001 Stephanie Hunter2000 Kelly Webster
1999 Emee Dillon
1998 Eloise Winestock

1997 Soojee Watman1996 Emee Dillon


Named after the schools founding principal who now runs our sister school in New York, this scholarship is awarded to a student who shows a high level of commitment and dedication to their dancing. It is chosen by all the Jazz Factory teachers and covers all the student’s class fees for the year.

2018 Amelia Richards 2019 Sophie Viol2020 Amelia O’Neill
2017 Isabella O’Neill 2016 Charlotte Bunis
2015 Madeleine Bulgin
2014 Bella Nery
2013 Emily Rich

2012 Nina Tierney
2011 Sophie Parker
2010 Lucy Rapee
2009 Rosie Gearside


In 2016 The Jazz Factory created a new award called The Rising Star Award. This award is selected by both the Trophy Day Judge and The Jazz Factory teachers and presented to a student from our Junior Trophy Day, who shows huge promise and potential. Rising star recipients automatically receive a place in our Dance Company and are rewarded with a half scholarship for their tuition.

2020 Madi Gilson
2018 Amelia O’Neill2019 Alisa Leung
2017 Grace Perrignon
2016 Charleigh Malone