Term 1

Monday January 31st – Saturday April 9th

Autumn School

Tuesday April 19th-Thursday April 21st

Term 2

Tuesday April 26th – Saturday June 25th  (classes will run on Monday 13th June Queen’s Birthday)

The Wizard of Oz Presented by JF Theatre Company

Friday 24th-Sunday 26th June

Winter School

Tuesday July 12th – Thursday July 14th

Term 3

Monday July 18th – Saturday September 24th

Exam school (RAD Ballet and ATOD Jazz classes)

Monday 5th December – Extra Lessons

Wednesday 7th December – Extra Lessons

Thursday 8th December – Exam Day

ATOD Jazz Exams (exam classes only)

Sunday 23rd October

Sunday 30th October

Sunday 6th November

RAD Ballet Exams (exam classes only)

November TBC

Term 4

Monday October 10th – Saturday December 3rd

End of Year Concerts

Pre School – Sunday, November 27th

Junior – Sunday, November 27th

Senior – Sunday, December 4th

Annie Jr – Presented by JF Theatre Company 

Friday 9th-Sunday 11th December