Breeana has been dancing since the age of three and has been at The Jazz Factory since she was eight years old. Having danced at the jazz factory for so many years, she has had the opportunity to try a variety of different styles and be taught by many different teachers, in which she is very excited to teach alongside. Breeana has graduated from the Australian teachers of dancing jazz syllabus (2020) completing all 10 examinations. Breeana was lucky enough to participate in the Jazz Factories biennial New York City Dance tour to Broadway dance centre in 2019 where she was able to largely grow as a dancer as she was exposed to such a large variety and diversity of different styles and teachers. Assistant teaching beside many amazing Jazz factory staff for numerous years not only exposed her to a multitude of knowledge but also kindled her love of teaching. Being surrounded by dance almost her entire life, Breeana is excited to share her knowledge and skills with the younger students at The Jazz Factory.