Term 1 Newsletter

Welcome to The Jazz Factory 2019

Happy New Year and Welcome to The Jazz Factory 2019. A very special welcome to all our new parents and students!

Just a few notes for you for the start of Term, so please read everything below.

Term begins on Monday 4th February and finishes on Saturday 13th April.

Our timetable is on the website and at the studios and will indicate which studio your child/ren’s classes are held in. We have three studios at The Jazz Factory on Level 2 of the Gordon Centre – Studio 1, 2 and 3. We also have change rooms with lockers for boys and girls, toilets for boys and girls, a kitchen with a fridge, kettle and microwave, a homework area with wifi, plus our uniform shop and singing studio too!


Please be mindful that we share Level 2 of Gordon Centre with a number of other businesses. Students are not permitted to congregate in the common areas of level 2. Please also keep noise levels down when outside the studios. There is plenty of waiting space within our studio complex.


We have a compulsory uniform at The Jazz Factory and expect all students in uniform by Week 2 of term.  Please ensure all hair is pulled back for class.

Our back to term uniform sale will be on February 2nd and 3rd 2019.

Saturday February 2nd

Pre School – Level 4

Sunday February 3rd

Level 5 +

**2018 concert DVDs can also be collected at this time

The uniform shop will then be open every Monday (4-6pm), Thursday (5-6pm) and Saturday (9-11am) during term time.

Girls Uniform
All girls require a JF Leotard (pink up to level 5 and black from 5+) with either JF hot shorts or JF 3/4 leggings.
Hip Hop students require the JF hip hop mesh tank top and JF basketball shorts or JF trackpants. The JF t-shirt and JF harem pants can be worn in Pre Senior/Senior Hip Hop class (adult sizes only).
JF T-shirts are available in size 14 kids to adults size and can be worn over a leotard for all other classes.
Technique, Ballet and invite only Jazz classes will require students to be in a leotard.
Skirts for Ready Set Dance and Junior Jazz, ballet skirts for ballet, crop tops, long sleeve t-shirts and jumpers are also available.

**Students who are moving up from Level 4 who currently have a pink leotard can continue to wear this for Level 5. If a new leotard is needed, they can purchase a black leotard.

Boys Uniform
All boys wear the boys JF mesh tank top with JF basketball shorts. Senior boys can wear a JF t-shirt. Ready Set Dance boys can wear a RSD t-shirt.

More details can be found on our website.

We do not sell dance shoes at our uniform shop.


Most of you will have received your Term 1 invoice. We appreciate prompt payment of this please. All invoices must be paid by week 2 of Term to avoid a late fee. Any class changes/cancellations must be made before the start of Week 2 otherwise a cancellation fee will apply. All class changes must be made in writing to the office admin@jazzfactory.com.au.

Active Kids and Creative Kids Vouchers

The Jazz Factory accepts both the Active Kids and Creative Kids vouchers. We are informed that only one of the vouchers per student per term can be used for dance classes.
Please forward a copy of your voucher to admin@jazzfactory.com.au and then pay $100 less per child off your invoice.


If you have any queries about classes, please direct these to Fiona in the office


Our teachers are focused on creating wonderful classes for your children but are not in the position to answer questions during class time. Please contact the office with all enquiries and Fiona will contact the teachers as necessary.

If you need to discuss anything with Kim, the Director, please contact her via email


Kim loves to say hi on her days at the studio, but rarely has the time to stop for a long chat, so sending an email is much better!

please email the above address if you are going to miss class.

Alice in Wonderland Jr – Presented by JF Theatre Company

Our Theatre Company is especially for Kids ages 8+ and rehearses every Saturday afternoon from 2-5pm. Our first musical for 2019 is Alice in Wonderland Jr performing at the end of June. If your child is keen to be a part of this fantastic experience, please email admin@jazzfactory.com.au

DATES 2019

Please diarise SUNDAY 2nd June 2019. This will be our open day, where you have the chance to see what your child has been learning in class, as well as view some of our other styles, our theatre company and our dance company.


We are waiting on confirmation from Monte for theatre availability 2019 and will get back to you asap when we have secured dates for 2019.

Tentative Dates for Alice in Wonderland are June 16/7, 23/24 or 29/30

Tentative Dates for End of Year Concerts are
November 1/2, 8/9, 16/17, 29/1