Students will see amazing changes in their flexibility not only through deep stretching but through the breathing techniques that yoga teaches you. Tight muscles are due to stress held in the body, both emotional and physical.  Yoga removes these obstacles to allow for an open, calm and focused body and mind. It helps with posture issues that may be affecting tightness and builds strength in areas of weakness. Yoga is especially important for people who do a lot of strength work through sport, which builds tightness in muscles but rarely allows for time to deeply stretch it out and therefore effects flexibility in dance class.

Dance requires strength and flexibility throughout the whole body (not just open hamstrings) and the yoga class will help students tap into the tightness in the shoulders, back, glutes, calves, quadriceps, psoas, inner thighs and hamstrings for a open and supple dancer body. Yoga is the perfect complement for any dancer and this class is at the perfect time to stretch out after classes, relax and calm yourselves for bed!

** This class is particularly recommended for students in advanced dance classes which require a high level of flexibility in order to execute the techniques and choreography.