NYC 2017

Hello everyone!

I’m sure all of you glued to our Instagram would have been up to date with our New York adventures but I thought I’d send you a little update about our third successful dance intensive.

Our New York dance intensive is a two week trip offered to our senior stream dancers in year 8+. The students spend Monday-Friday taking three classes per day in multiple styles. Students took ballet, contemporary, theatre, jazz, funk, hip hop, street, yoga, vogueing, contemporary fusion, jazz fusion and more!

In addition to this, we took an aerial yoga class and saw three Broadway show – school of rock, Anastasia and stomp – all were simply amazing!

Students also had a chance to see New York City and of course do some shopping.

In our mission to ensure our students are taught the most up to date and current technique and styles, which are forever evolving, this intensive was set up biannually to provide students with an invaluable learning experience as dancers and give them insight into the world of dance that they can pursue after school.

Another fantastic opportunity that happened was that The Jazz Factory formed a relationship with Broadway Dance Centre who are now going to provide one of our students each year a $1000 scholarship and automatic entry into their international professional semester program – a full time program that is second to none!

Check out some great trip photos below and stay tuned to our blog, Instagram and Facebook for further exciting updates!