Sharyn is a Senior Examiner for the RAD and has been examining around Australia since 2003.

Sharyn began teaching in 1979, running her own dance school and teaching ballet, contemporary, jazz and spanish dance for 21 years. Since then she has been freelance teaching at many prestigious Sydney schools including Alegria and Glenda Yee.

Sharyn has had the pleasure of seeing and sharing the joy of young students progressing and achieving for 40 years, making so many happy memories and watching many of them take on  professional dance careers.

Sharyn is also the founder of D.O.T.S – Dance over the spectrum – a dance program/initiative to develop gross and fine motor skills and to assist on developing neurological pathways for Autistic children. specialising in the early development years and progressing into adolescent years. It is now an NDIS approved provider.

Says Sharyn “I am looking forward to joining The Jazz Factory as the head of ballet and helping students come to LOVE their ballet as much as they do their other styles of dance. Ballet is always understood to be the thing we NEED for our technique but so few students ever have the opportunity to really know what that means because ballet is usually taught as if the student is going to be a ballerina – much like teaching maths as though one is going to be a mathematician!

My approach is to teach ballet with outcomes for the dancer, in a modern and fun way to help them to see the place ballet has in the commercial dance world”.