JF Dance Co and JF Theatre Company Showcase

Saturday 28th October –  Rehearsal for JF Dance Co and JF Theatre Co concert at The Jazz Factory.
Sunday 29th October  – JF Dance Co and JF Theatre Co Showcase from 1pm.

JF Dance Co and JF Theatre Co are for those who do eisteddfods and JF Theatre Co on a Sunday.

Everyone is welcome to come to this concert.

Trophy Days (compulsory for everyone at The Jazz Factory)

Sunday 5th November –  Junior Trophy Day (Ready Set Dance – Level 5 including Jnr Lyrical, Jnr Contemporary,  Int Hip Hop and Int Musical Theatre)

Sunday 12th November – Senior Trophy Day (Level 6 – Senior 3)

The students do exercises and their concert dance in front of a trophy day judge.  They also receive their costumes for the concert on this day and have photos – both individual/sibling and class photos.  We do not need you for the whole day.  It is about 30 – 45 mins per class.  Everyone who participates in trophy day will receive a medal at the concert. Some trophy winners will be awarded too.  A schedule for this will come out in September.

Concert Day and Rehearsal for the end of year Jazz Factory Concert (compulsory for everyone)

Rehearsal – Thursday 23rd November and Friday 24th November from 4 – 9pm at Riverview.

Again you will only be needed for about 20 mins per class and also about 30 mins for the finale on either of these days.  No rehearsal = no concert.  Ready Set Dance will not require a stage rehearsal.

Saturday 25th November – These are our new JF JUNIOR concerts.

11am – Ready Set Dance concert

3pm – Junior Jazz, Level 1 Jazz, Level 2 Jazz, Mini Hip Hop and Mini Musical Theatre Concert

Sunday 26th November – Senior CONCERT

from Level 3 – Senior 3.  We have 2 concerts – one at 10.30am and one at 3pm. They are different concerts to showcase all our classes.  If you do 1 class a week, you will only be in one concert.  The schedule for this will come out in September.