Monte Sant Angelo, North Sydney

Pre School Concert

Saturday 9th November @ 10am

This concert involves all our Pre School classes. There is no stage rehearsal. The concert will run for approximately 1 hour.

Junior Concerts 

Kindergarten-Year 4, including level 4/5 Jazz, Intermediate Technique and JF Theatre Company Semester 2 Musical


Saturday 9th November, 12pm-6pm

Concert #1 

Sunday 10th November @ 12pm

Concert # 2 

Sunday 10th November @ 4pm

** The Theatre Company and Bronze Star Exam students will perform in both concerts. Other classes will be perform in ONE concert

Senior Concerts 

Year 5+, including JF Dance Company


Saturday 16th November, 10am-8pm

Concert #1 

Sunday 17th November @11am

Concert #2

Sunday 17th November @4pm

** Senior 1 and 2 Jazz classes will perform in both concerts. Other classes will perform in ONE concert
**Gold and Elementary Exam classes will perform in both concert finales